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5 Reasons Why Premarriage Counselling Saves Your Marriage Before It Starts!

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.

~ Barbara De Angelis

Pre-marital Counselling is a compulsory component of marriage preparation in many religious communities but I believe all couples, regardless of faith or faithlessness considering marriage, should attend premarriage counselling.

Premarital Counselling Rooted in Love focuses on guiding couples through the workbooks “Saving your marriage before it starts” by Dr Les and Leslie Parrott in order to develop the long lasting practical tools you need for a lasting and loving life together.

South Africa has one of the worlds highest divorce rates (SA stats) with the number one reason for such high divorce rates accredited to poor communication between couples which results in a breakdown of intimacy and connection.

So that brings me to the first reason why couples should consider pre-marital counselling before selecting their venue or booking the photographer!!

1. Premarital Counselling provides couples with opportunities to learn and practice healthy forms of communication in the presence of a trained professional who can identify problem areas.

2. Premarital Counselling encourages couples to mark off periods of time in the week dedicated to working on your relationship. If time spent together is ingrained as a priority before marriage, it will be much easier to follow through with it during marriage.

3. Engaged couples, or couples talking about marriage usually feel a strong connection n huh levels of passionate love for one another. It is at this stage that most couples will be most committed to maintaining this closeness and more open to learning about what pleases their partner.

4. Marriages often breakdown because of unmet expectations. Good premarital Counselling focuses on critical conversations around money, and how it should be spent or saved, unspoken rules and expectations of married life, how to communicate in love, religious or cultural differences, value systems, gender roles and active listening. Understanding these about your partner before marriage is critical for saving your marriage before it starts.

5. Premarital Counselling is no quick fix and it won’t prevent you from ever having another arguement, ever again. Because the reality is marriage is good, but it’s also hard, it’s beautiful, and it’s ugly, it’s a blessing, and it is has its battles. Couples shouldn’t be using sex to test drive the “car” when Premarital Counselling is the best way to test drive your relationship!!

Save your marriage before it starts by calling/ Whatsapp or SMS me on 0738099476.

With Love

Simone Vasques

Your Registered Counsellor


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