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"People start to heal the moment they feel heard".
~ Cheryl Richardson

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Working with the individual for me, is about working with the whole person. Its about understanding where you came from so you can break unhealthy relational patterns that no longer serve you, its about learning to navigate the transitions of life with courage and confidence. We are wounded in our relationships and healed in our relationships, so I aim to create a safe, non judgmental, client centred space for you to land. 


Where love always hopes, always perseveres. 


Relationships require two different people, with different unspoken rules and different love languages, to say 'I choose you even when I don't always like you'. 

I refer to The Model of Love by Yale University Psychologist, Robert Sternberg in which love is made up of biology, cognition and emotions, and the way love is expressed and experienced naturally changes over time. I assist my clients in dealing with these changes, such that they may come to experience freedom in loving their authentic selves and experience how love’s many forms can strengthen and deepen at all stages of a relationship, be it pre-marriage, newly wed, unmarried, or marriage-veterans. 

I have developed a 9 week equipping course for couples called Courageous Couples Course. This is a semi-structured connection orientated programme that works! The sessions emphasise DEEP CONNECTION, COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS & DEEPEN INTIMACY in all areas of your coupleship.

As your Guide, I aid you in reviving your relationship and bringing it to its true fullness.

For engaged couples or couples seriously considering embarking on the next step of your relationship, I have especially designed a 9 week  premarriage programme called "Building your Marriage Home" where I guide you on how to build a marriage that lasts from the ground up. 


Each session I teach you a key relational concept, you have the opportunity to apply this concept in the session and I give you homework so you can continue to stretch the muscle and practice at home. Sessions are process orientated rather than problem orientated. 

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