"People start to heal the moment they feel heard".
~ Cheryl Richardson



For where our roots run deep, all families, of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Stable families are the cornerstone of society; families shape our attitudes, hopes, ambitions and values, but family can also be the source of pain, hurt, disappointment and negative inter-generational patterns of behaviours. I believe all individuals and families experiencing difficulties in their home life will benefit from attending counselling to help them successfully navigate the different seasons in life. I affirm that working with the unit as a whole is the most effective way of breaking negative patterns and cycles and blossoming where we are planted.


Where love always hopes, always perseveres. 


Relationships require two different people, with different unspoken rules and different love languages, to say 'I choose you even if I don't always like you'. 

I refer to The Model of Love by Yale University Psychologist, Robert Sternberg in which love is made up of biology, cognition and emotions, and the way love is expressed and experienced naturally changes over time. I assist my clients in dealing with these changes, such that they may come to experience freedom in loving their authentic selves and experience how love’s many forms can strengthen and deepen at all stages of a relationship, be it pre-marriage, newly wed, unmarried, or marriage-veterans. 

I have developed a 6 week equipping course for couples: From Conflict to Connection is a structured connection orientated programme that works! Couples yearning to experience aliveness, intimacy, passion in their coupleship are experiencing transformational results. As your Guide, I aid you in reviving your relationship and bringing it to its true fullness. Manuals and materials to keep are included in your investment. The course runs weekly for two hours, over a 6 week period. 


You can read as many parenting books as you like; but there will be days where being a parent will be your hardest job, and you'll be working with the toughest crowd. The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. And a child's inner voice plays a role in shaping their adult reality and relationships. That is a huge responsibility for parents, and understandably its overwhelming. I welcome parents and children/ adolescents for one on one sessions to increase positive parenting and improve the quality of the parent-child relationship. Its never too early, or too late to be the kind of parent you wish you had as a child.



I run an activity-based therapeutic workshop,
where mother-daughter relationships are valued, honoured and celebrated. A range of topics relevant to mothers in their transition to motherhood, and to daughters in their transition to womanhood are presented. With the discovery of one another's 'love language' as the foundation of the workshop and an opportunity to engage one-on-one, mothers and daughters are encouraged to model desired behaviours of open communication and in order to achieve a healthier mother-daughter relationship, and a lifelong friendship.


Research shows that there exists a complex relationship between the mother/ daughter dynamic and the development of positive body image for adolescent girls. Daughters with stronger maternal
relationships, report higher self-esteem. The adult world is getting harder to navigate and our teenagers need their mothers’ guidance and involvement more than ever. The mother-daughter relationship forms a powerful template for daughters’ future relationships into adulthood. Your relationship with your daughter will be the most beautiful and rewarding investment you make.

The workshop is suitable for adolescent daughters aged between 12-17 years.


I schedule dates for these workshops and advertise them on my Facebook/ Instagram page. Should you know of a group of at least 5 mother & daughter pairs interested in the workshop I am happy to run it for you on a day that suits you best. Get in touch with me to discuss your needs.  


I am passionate about COFFEE, CONVERSATIONS & CONNECTION. There is a need for a friendly, social space for women to gather, to express, to question, to share, to befriend, to learn from women like you & me. As a Counsellor who specialises in guiding women in experiencing deep, lasting connection in their relationships, I have created a Coffee Club for real women to share real stories. 

Each Coffee with a Counsellor event is themed differently, but always includes bottomless coffee. 

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