Bringing therapy to you, wherever you are.



Online counselling takes place over a secure video chat service called Zoom (similar to Skype). Online counselling follows the exact same process as in-person counselling, with sessions occurring on a weekly or as agreed upon basis. Research has found that clients respond just as well to therapy over video, as they do to in-person counselling. I adhere to the same strict ethical code to govern our therapeutic relationship. Technology is a major part of our lives and e-therapy has opened up more avenues for people seeking psycho-social support. A blend of in-person and online counselling can be arranged. How do you know if online counselling is the best fit for you? Read on...


  • For all individuals/ couples

  • Individuals/ Couples looking for convenience, and would prefer to attend counselling from any place. 

  • Individuals/Couples living in a foreign country (ex-pats) seeking counselling in English

  • Individuals/ Couples who frequently travel for business or pleasure and cannot commit consistently to face to face counselling

  • Individuals/ Couples whose lifestyles, careers, work hours / work shifts, circumstances do not allow for face to face counselling.

  • Individuals/ Couples who live within communities or work in a field in which it may be important not to reveal that they are in counselling

  • Individuals/ Couples with mobility issues

  • Individuals/ Couples who have children in their care and do not have additional care-giving support/ time such as stay at home parents

  • Individuals/ Couples who find therapy in-person intimidating/ fearful and wish to gain confidence and trust in the process first.

  • Individuals/ Couples who are in the process of moving

  • Individuals/ Couples who have established a relationship with their counsellor, but are no longer available to attend in-person counselling.


STEP 1: Send me an email indicating your desire to start online-counselling

STEP 2: Appointment is set up

STEP 3: Conformation email is sent with the time, date, and an outline of the therapy process that you can expect. This email includes two documents to be filled in and returned via email ahead of our session : informed consent form & pre-counselling form. Instructions on how to register and sign up with Zoom will be provided.

STEP 4: Confirm that you have signed into Zoom at least 12 hours before your scheduled session. 

STEP 5: An invoice is sent. EFT payment option, with banking details forwarded to you prior to your session.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I thank you for considering me as your guide.