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" I was taken by the power that savouring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community"

~ Howard Schultz

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Early on in my practice I realised there was a need for a safe and social space for real people to meet other real people and have real conversations.

I expanded my practice to host heart centred, themed and interactive workshops.

All workshops include bottomless coffee, and encourage community and creativity.  

I facilitate two styles of workshops:

  1. Experience Style Workshops which are longer in length and interactive. 

  2. Lunch Break Style Workshops which are shorter in length and psycho-educational. 


My experience and exposure to facilitating people in a private and workshop setting has shown that the following topics are core to an empowered & energised people/ relationships. Each of these topics can be designed to fit the Experience Style Workshops & the Lunch Style Workshops.

Space is a powerful communicator of intention. From the moment you walk into my workshop room, my deepest wish is that you will experience an open, and collaborative learning and growing space... with a good cup of coffee in hand. 

Workshop Topics

  • Self-esteem and Confidence - Promote the resources and strengths within.

  • Self-care – Promote people taking the driver’s seat of their lives. This is an especially important aspect of controlling anxiety, neglect, self-sabotage, burnout and depression.

  • Create a vision and set goals at a vision board party – Creating a positive mission statement that aligns with your vision and mission to give you an elevated sense of purpose and drive.

  • Build resilience – Becoming aware of what you need to be their most constructive, effective and authentic selves.

  • Fear Journalling & Other Journalling Workshops – An opportunity for you to retell a story, and I guide you on how to leverage their fears. Limiting beliefs typically cause procrastination, depression, decline in confidence. A fear journal is an essential tool for identifying what holds you back from courageously pursuing your goals or showing up authentically.

  • Crossing the bridge, breaking down walls – conflict resolution and effective communication by incorporating more compliments than criticism, and by introducing you to the art of active listening.

This list offers a teaser of the kinds of successful workshops I have already facilitated. I pride myself on my ability to personalise my workshops to meet your needs. My customisable workshops offer a creative, interesting, engaging and fun addition to your next celebration (bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party etc.), team building event or intimate gathering.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go further, go together.

I am always interested in collaborating with other small businesses and creatives.

Please contact me on for collaboration opportunites and personalised workshops.

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I liked that it was relatively informal, but still structured. I also liked the mix of people that attended, each a different age and coming from a different background.


I loved how prepared the event was, with the jars for the daily appreciation and the question starters. The whole group was also so lovely and open. It felt like such a safe place for me


I really enjoyed Simone’s energy and approach during the workshop. Thank you for sharing your sparkle with us, Simone

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