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I am in the business of planting seeds of hope

“Is there hope for me/us”, is what clients are really wanting to know when they ask “will I be okay?”, “do other couples likes us make it?”, “does it get any better?”. 

Counselling is often the last straw of hope that clients grasp when their marriage is on the rocks or when their hole of hopelessness has become too dark and scary to exist in alone. 

It didn’t take me long to realise that I am in the business of giving hope. I am very intentional about my use of hope based strategies in my counselling. I think all too often we underestimate the power of hope to give us the courage to keep fighting. The most important seeds I can plant are the ones that repeatedly let my clients know that I have hope and faith in their ability to grow and to heal, to be better tomorrow than they were today. 

                            ~ Nelson Mandela

We lose hope when we get stuck in negative patterns of self-judgement, self-blame, feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. But when we are able to work through the past pain compassionately and rooted in love, it sets us free from this hopelessness, and allows us to focus more on the present and our future potential and our goals. We realise that every day is another chance at being/ doing better. It gives us the hope that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

For this reason in my sessions I spend time getting to know you, I found out what makes you tick, what you value, where you like to sit and what makes you comfortable/ uncomfortable, I affirm and validate even the smallest baby steps, and provide you with ample opportunity to practice your positive self-talk by modelling this in the way I talk to you. 

To all my clients, future and present, I have hope that you will come to know that you are capable, brilliant, brave and significant. Even when it feels like you’re not. 

With Love

Your Registered Counsellor Rooted in Love


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