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Everyone Should Be in Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, I believe a good time to start therapy may be when your life is going relatively well! Therapy is often associated with crisis, on the brink, neurosis, and the final straw (and therapy is certainly important when you’re in that place), but therapy shouldn’t just be the cure... when it’s capable of possibly preventing the breakdown in the first place and maintaining your happy place. 

Seeing a Counsellor early on in your marriage, or better yet before you’re married, or early on as a family before your adolescents’ hormones kicks in and change the family dynamics, will set a strong foundation and equip you with the tools you’re going to need when life happens, and relationships get rocky.

I am convinced that counselling is an important part of every one of our growth processes and different life stages. On a weekly or monthly basis we all need someone to talk to who is objective and removed from our circumstances, someone who will deepen our self understanding and broaden our perspectives. Much like any relationship, the therapeutic relationship between Counsellor and client requires that you choose someone who you feel comfortable talking to, whom you trust and feel safe with. It’s our job to listen, to care, and to ask the right questions with your best interests at heart. It’s a reciprocal relationship in which both client and Counsellor give and are committed to. In the process you will uncover the ways in which you have unconsciously and subtly been “unloving” towards yourself and towards your relationships, and learn how to be “rooted and established in love”. 

Things sound different outside your head and with the right person listening, slowly the pieces of the puzzle will make more sense. I believe this hour you spend with a Counsellor whom you connect with, will make you feel alive, set the tone for the rest of the week/ month, remind you that you and your stories matter and slowly this journey will transform you into your truest self. 

Its never too late or too early to start seeing a Counsellor. And it’s not about there being a wrong time or right time to start either. Because it’s not about when to start, as long as you start! I believe our world, your worlds, would be a much happier and healthier place if we were all seeing a Counsellor. 

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YourRegistered Counsellor Rooted in Love

Simone Vasques 

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