"Be rooted and grounded in love" 

~ Eph 3:17

The two faces you see in my logo perfectly represent the heart of Rooted in Love Counselling:

I see you, and by being seen, you are brought into being.


Today families come in all shapes and sizes. Single parents, two parent families, divorced families, blended families, married couples, dating couples, complicated relationships, whatever name you want to go by, I welcome you all! 

My combined exposure to international learning environments such as the University of Cambridge where I completed my Masters in Psychology, and Fordham University in New York where I completed a summer psychology programme, and my local learning environments where I have counselled individuals, families and couples in a wide variety of South African contexts, and professionally registered with the HPCSA, enables me to provide my clients with holistic, up to date psycho-social care which affirms that the quality of the relationship is more important than the structure of the relationship.

I come from a restructured/ blended family myself and this gives me a deep understanding of the complexities that exist in all types of family. 

My approach is rooted in understanding the motivation behind WHY we do, think and feel the way we do. 

I apply an eclectic range of techniques to explore the unconscious childhood ROOTS which frame our thinking as adults, to remember the ROOT of the marriage/ relationship, to break the negative inter-generational cycles and grow new ROOTS grounded and established in love. 

Most importantly I use 'living' tools that emphasise transformation and movement. I help you journey from who you are, to who you were made to be; from what your relationship is now, to what it is capable of being. For this reason our sessions are both psychological and spiritual as we discover your essence and the essence of your relationship, together.

As you step into my practice, my deepest longing and wildest dreams are:

1. To create a space that is safe for you to land, that is warm, open and rich with connection.

2. To invite each of you in with the joy I feel in having you as my client and the delight in being able to accompany you on your Hero’s Journey.

3. I deeply long to produce long lasting fruit, one relationship at a time.

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