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Why “Rooted in Love”

                   Be rooted and grounded in Love

                                 Ephesians 3:17

I didn’t find my name, it found me. It is spoken over me, and all of us: we are rooted in love, the deeper our roots, the deeper our experience of love. But sometimes our roots rot, and we lose touch with what it is to be Loved, and to be loveable. 

Rooted in Love reflects my commitment to one of my core values: Love. I believe where there is, or at least was, Love, there is Hope. I wanted the name to reflect my Love for what I do, and our innate and universal need to be Loved. I believe that we were created for Love and are able to Love because we were Loved first. Love has the power to radically change us, and propel us toward the people we were created to be. 

In my counselling I work toward you feeling rooted and grounded to enable us to begin the journey toward deeper fulfillment in yourself and in your relationships. I work with you to explore your unconscious childhood ROOTS which frame your thinking as adults, to restore your deep ROOTS as a family, to remember the ROOT of the love as it was when t began when it feels like you have fallen out of love, to break the negative inter-generational cycles between parents and children and grow new ROOTS grounded and established in love. 

Our need and desire to be loved transcends culture, race, special orientation or socioeconomic status; but the way in which we express and want to receive this love differs from person to person. This can relate to your personality and past experiences. This is where counselling comes in, to provide the safe and non judgemental space for you to develop deeper self understanding and self appreciation. To love yourself so that you are more equipped to love others. 

I welcome families, individuals and couples of all shapes and sizes to embark on this psychological and spiritual journey which will transform you from who you are, to who you were made to be; from what your relationship is now, to what it is capable of being.

With Love


Your Registered Counsellor Rooted in Love 

MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology (Uni of Cambridge); BEd (Hons) in Educational Psychology (Uni of Pretoria); PGCE (Wits); BA (Psychology) (WITS). 

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